Classification of Cities/ Towns

Since India is a vast country, it is not possible to establish Civil Defence in each village or in each City/Town. Considering this, the Govt.of india has classified the cities/ towns in two categories, namely;-

  • (A) Class- One Civil Defence City/Town;- 
    Those cities/ towns, which have importance of National level or where hinderance occurs of National war equipments/ materials due to air attacks and which causes affect in the capacity of soldiers active in war are known upon class-one Civil Defence City/ Town, Like Delhi, Agra, Gwalior etc.
  • (B) Class- two Civil Defence City/ Town;-
    These are those city or town, whose importance is slightly less than class-one city/ town, which are main transportation centre or if air attack occurs in these city/ town then it lie impacts on national economy, such city or town are called class-two category City/ Town, e.g. Bhilai, Bhopal etc.

Presently, Civil Defence Training school is being established at village- parsada, Dist. - Bilaspur (C.G.) by Central Govt. to make the Civil Defence more effective, under which the central Govt. has issued a grant-in-aid of rs. 146.00 lakhs for the construction establishment of civil Defence Training School under which, the construction work of hostel and administrative building has already been completed.

  1. Parliament (Lok Sabha) has already enacted Civil Defence ACT (NO.27), 1968 w.e.f. 28-05-1968 and its Rules and Acts are enforced in all over India. It has been published in Gazette of Madhya Pradesh, dated 09-08-01968 and 20-12-1968.
  2. Bhilai town has been declared as class-B Civil Defence city/ town by centre.
  3. Decision of Revamping of Civil Defence has been taken after the recommendation of k.m. singh committee in year 2009.
  4. Enhancing the area of Civil Defence city/ town by centre, the entire Durg District has been declared as “B”- class District.
  5. Under pilot project, by Home Guard Department 4 Master Trainers were trained at Nagpur
  6. Centre has given target to Drug C.G. to nominate 3600 Volunteers.
  7. Nominations of 3600 Volunteers have been completed by February 2012.
  8. First time in the state, under centre promoted scheme, as pilot project, a target of nominating 3600 Civil Defence Volunteers in Durg District has been ascertained. Nomination of 3600 volunteers, as per the target, has already been completed by February 2012.