Home Guards

In May 1940, the Home Guard was formed in the U.K. when there was a real risk of invasion during world war II. Originally it was named LDV (Local Defense Volunteers) , but in August  1940, Winston Churchill changed the name of  the LDV to the Home Guard, as it sounded more patriotic and motivational. It was formed with the intention of delaying an enemy invasion force for as long as possible.

In India it was originally raised on 6th Dec 1946, in Mumbai to tackle the riots and handle acute law & order problems. But the largest single volunteer Organization was formed under the Central Provinces & Berar Act 1947 which came to be known as M.P. Home Guard after the reorganization of States in 1956. A further division which created a new state of Chhattisgarh on 1st of Nov 2000, adopted the above mentioned Act in its to .. Presently 63 companies of Home Guard posted in 27 Districts of the state.